October 28, 2016

"Now we can finally eat some really good Mediterranean food! Highly Recommend!"
October 23, 2016

"Pretty good! My husband iso Turkish so we were looking for a little taste of home. This came pretty close to authentic. The food is good but the service is rather slow. Recommend ordering by phone and eating at home to avoid the wait. Also, many coupons available through the West County mailers and such. Makes it a little cheaper. Portions are big."
September 12, 2016

"Food Is Perfect. Really Really Good. I ENJOYED every single bite. Nice Af. Defenitly recommend"
September 7, 2016

"Great price. Food tastes great. Portions are well in size. Clean."
September 3, 2016

"Came by here this afternoon with my wife. Recently moved to the area and was looking for a place to get a gyro before heading out on a camping trip.__FYI: Troy Mediterranean is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in St. Louis. I have lived in St. Louis for 20 years now and this will be our new goto restaurant. The prices were very inexpensive, the food is absolutely amazing, huge quantities and very nice staff. Ignore the negative reviews. If you are looking for a place to get some amazing Mediterranean food look no further!!!!!"
Troy Mediterranean Cuisine