February 13, 2019

"Amazing hidden gem. Always satisfied with the food as it is delicious!! Absolutely recommend Troy. One of my favorites."
October 15, 2018

"The food tasted very fresh and homemade. I highly recommend this restaurant. We had a chicken wrap, the chicken filling was cooked with vegetables the spices and flavors were wonderful."
October 15, 2018

"Food is great and you can't beat the price, BUT don't order off the app. We ordered and went to pick it up but they said they hadn't received the order. It took money out of my account and everything. Luckily they were willing to make the order, just cost us a few extra minutes."
October 15, 2018

"Excellent Gyro, loaded with meat. I will definitely be back to try some of the other things on the menu. Very authentic"
August 13, 2018

"I stumbled on this little restaurant yesterday. There is nothing fancy in here but just downright delicious food . The Turkish/Middle Eastern food cooked by Ruslan is amazing! The grape leaves (Sarma) are cooked with meat and are amazing. We also tried a gyro sandwich. Delicious! Then we tried the baklava for dessert and I almost fainted because it was better than my mom’s and my mom’s baklava was the best! Today I am back again and I am trying the borek (meat pie) and getting more grape leaves. I miss my Mom’s cooking so much. This is a healthy alternative to fast food. Much healthier for the same price! I will qualify that it is not fast because they are cooking it while I am waiting to bring it home but the prices are fantastic. They also cater. I know where I am picking up food for my family who misses my mom’s cooking on Sundays."
Troy Mediterranean Cuisine